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Bictory Tokenomics
Token Ticker: BT
$BT Total Supply: 100,000, 000
Platform: Concordium
Token Type:
CIS-1 (Concordium based token)
Explorer: Concordiumscan.placeholder
  • Seed Sale: 2% (2 Million tokens)
  • Private Sale: 19% (19 Million tokens)
  • Public Sale: 4% (4 Million tokens)
  • Platform Growth: 28% (28 Million tokens)
  • Founding Team: 15% (15 Million tokens)
  • Strategic Partners: 5% (5 Million tokens)
  • Advisors: 2% (2 Million tokens)
  • Community Reward: 25% (25 Million tokens)
TGE and Vesting Schedule.
$BT Token Emission Waterfall.
Bictory Materials
Bictory Finance Pitch Deck Presentation
Bictory Finance introduction video by MarketSquare.
Interactive Prototype of the Bictory CEX (Few screens only).
The Bictory Litepaper
How to join the Bictory Private Sale:

To join the private sale, you need to login to our Investor’s Deck website at You can get the login details by contacting us through the form posted below.

  • You should Login to with the Login details provided to you by mail. After logging in, you should click on the button “Register for Offer” to participate in the Private Sale.
Our Private Sale Process involves 3 stages
  • Step 1. Registration.
    Interested users should register for the Private Sale by filling the form on the Investor Deck website he form is displayed after the user clicks on the Register for Offer button. It only requires some basic information and the amount of $BT tokens the user would like to purchase. Please find the minimum and maximum purchase threshold in the Private Token Sale info area above.
  • Step 2. SAFT.

    After submitting the form. you will receive a SAFT document from us. Please, fill out and sign the SAFT appropriately.

    Note*: Make sure to send the correct amount. Be sure to put the wallet address from where you will be sending the funds on the SAFT. We will only accept funds from this wallet address.”

  • Step 3. KYC
    To complete KYC with Bictory Finance, we need some documents to verify your identity and location.
    • A proof of identity document could be any government issued document such as: International Passport, ID card, or Driver License.
    • A proof of Address document could be any government issued document such as: Utility bill, Bank Statement, or anything that states your address and your name in the same document.
    Do not wait for confirmation from us, just move to step 4. We will email you if we have not received your KYC.
  • Step 4. Remittance

    Complete the process by sending the agreed amount (in the SAFT) of funds to one of the given addresses in the SAFT (USDT or USDC).

    Be sure you are sending the funds from the same address (The SAME wallet address you provided in the SAFT in Step 2).
  • All Done