Safe and inclusive ecosystem of Web3 solutions across chains.
Building a robust, interoperable & user-friendly web3 product ecosystem across blockchains.
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Complete Suite Of Web3 Solutions For Everyone In Crypto.
Our inclusive & user-centered web3 technologies are built to foster adoption by raising user proximity to virtual asset tools and platforms.
Bictory Finance web3 applications ecosystem is a one-stop-shop for all users' needs.
All solutions are developed with user-centric designs and technology, to do more but maintain the web2 feel & interaction.
Safe & Secure
Fitted with industry-standard safety & security frameworks and supplemented with Concordium’s ID layer to streamline KYC for users to keep them in their best behavior.
Interconnected products across our web3 ecosystem, to cut down on fees and time spent in transactions, incompatibility issues and enable multi-functionalities only possible by synergy.
Proactive Market Making
Ecosystem-wide liquidity to tighten spreads and lower slippages across all trades in our ecosystem of solutions. Retain more value, minimize your trade losses.
The $BT Token
Inclusive Cross-chain Ecosystem Utility Token
Designed to bond & drive an ecosystem of user-centered, inclusive, and interoperable Web3 solutions.
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Explore our web3 suite of solutions and join a community of over 20,000 brave bictorians utilizing our products and making product improvement suggestions.
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Discover utility-backed REAL art NFTs, trading with industry-standard low fees, minting at 0 fees and more multi-functional perations.
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Our Roadmap
We have a timeline mapped out to develop our ecosystem to meet growing user needs of web3 solutions
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Meet the Makers Behind Bictory Finance.
We’re a 100% remote team spread across the world. Join us!
Joha Sulaymonov
Project Lead
Minrie Macapugay
Director at BictoryNFT
Lars Rensing (CEO/Co-F. - Protokol)
Marketing/Business Advisor
Kristjan Kosic (CTO - Protokol)
Technical Advisor
Augustine Wisdom
Product Owner
James Moses
Snr. Product Designer
Usman Ahmed (Dan)
Marketing Lead
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