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Enabling a constellation of Safe, Robust and Interoperable Financial Applications utilizing Blockchain Technology.
Our full suite of products
Multiple live products & platforms will be powered by the $BT token to ehance the ecosystem’s user-centeredness and inclusiveness, Including:
BictoryEX is our novel cryptocurrency exchange platform, built to create liquidity for existing and emerging cryptocurrency markets and communities in a cost-efficient environment. Safely store/trade crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc on BictoryEX
Decentralized Cross-chain NFT marketplace on Concordium and Solana. An arena of commerce and creativity on the Blockchain. Create, mint, collect, trade and get early access to premium NFT collections and Launchpad events on BictoryNFT.
Concordium Name Service (CNS)
Replace lengthy hexadecimal wallet addresses with memorisable names that make sense. CNS is a distributed, extensible naming system based on the Concordium blockchain.
Terrestria NFT Collection
Collect 9999 unique art pieces verifiable on the Blockchain. Terrestria is the genesis and one-off NFT collection from Bictory Finance. It is the first premium NFT collection on Concordium and the first NFT collection on the BictoryNFT marketplace.
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Explore our Litepaper and Onepager documents to find out more about Bictory Finance.
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Building a safe haven for Defi and Crypto Investors.
Enabling a constellation of safe, robust and interoperable financial applications utilizing blockchain technology.

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