What are our major goals?
We are focused on bringing you the value and utility you need to generate abundant internet magic money.
Based on Solana, $BT has a fixed supply of 100M tokens and is deflationary. Every quarter Bictory Finance will buyback and burn $BT tokens with 25% of the projects profit to give back value to our users & holders.
Q1-Q3 2021
  • Team Assembly
  • Market Analysis Research
  • Concordium Grant Application
  • Seed Round, Private Sales A & B
  • CEX Development
  • BictoryNFT Development
Q1-Q2 2022
  • Receive BictoryNFT Concordium Grant
  • Private sale Round D
  • Terrestria NFT Collection Launch
  • BictoryNFT Marketplace V1
  • Private Sale Round D
  • CCD Domains Grant Application
Q1-Q4 2023
  • BT token ecosystem integration across Bictory products
  • Product update: BictoryCEX
  • Staking
  • Bake Node on Concordium
  • Cross-chain Integration on NFT Marketplace: TBD
Q4 2021
  • Private Sale Round C
  • CEX Development
  • BictoryNFT Development
  • BictoryNFT Marketing Campaign
Q3-Q4 2022
in progress
  • Bictory CEXCHANGE V.1 Launch
  • Security Audit: CEX
  • CCD.domains Testnet
  • CCD.domains Mainnet & Launch
  • BT Token IDO & TGE
  • Cross-chain NFT Marketplace in Solana
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